Our #1 Goal Is Safety For Our Clients And Inspectors Alike. With That In Mind, We Follow All The CDC Guidelines To Ensure Safety For All During The Home Inspection Process.

Gloves And Mask Are Worn While Performing Interior Inspections

Normally We Suggest Clients Are Present During Inspection, However, At This Time Our Clients Are Encouraged Not To Attend The Inspection.

Our Reports Are Very Easy To Comprehend, And We Are Always Ready To Answer Any Questions if you could have any.

An Small Additional Fee, We Can "FaceTime" The Entire Inspection, That Will Place The Client At The Inspection Without Any Risk.

If The Property To Be Inspected Has Occupants, We Ask That The Occupants Removed Themselves For 1.5 Hours. While The Interior Inspection Is In Progress.

If Our Clients Are Insist On Attending The Inspection, We Ask That There Be 6 Feet Space From The Inspector At All Times, Indoors And Outdoors As Well.

Together We Can Get Through This And Keep Our Economy Strong And Thriving, This Can Only Be Accomplished By Adhering To The CDC Guidelines And Placing The Safety Of Ourselves And Others As A Top Priority...